Blazer Policies




The yearlong membership fee is $35 per person. Membership period is from October 1 – September 30.

The summer membership fee is $15.00. Membership period is from May 1 – September 30 and also includes the evening of the Christmas Party. 

A person joining for the summer and wishing to continue for the remainder of the year will be charged an additional $20.00 due in October.

The Blazer Ski Club will accept new yearlong membership after April 30th to be good through Oct 1 of the following year (i.e.: a NEW membership accepted May 5th 2011 will be good through Oct 1 of 2012). This does not affect summer only membership.

New Member Incentives.

A new member will not be charged a yearlong membership fee for their first year. A new member is one who was not a member in the prior two (2) years. Summer membership is not eligible for the new member policy.

The Blazer Ski Club strongly encourages present members to invite guests for potential membership.

A present members who brings in a new member will receive a $5.00 chit. The chit will be good for use on any Blazer activity except membership renewal.



On sign up nights, trip captains will take reservations in the order that the member arrives at the meeting place. Sign up period is from 6:00pm until all member reservations have been completed.


Guests of a specific host member will be allowed to participate in any club activity.

To qualify as a guest, the guest must be a family member or a friend of the host member, and the guest must be specifically invited to participate in a specific event by the host member. The invitation form will be available on the club website, or from the trip captain or activity leader.

For any event such as a bus trip where there are limits on the number of participants, guests will be accepted only if the host member is participating in the event, but if the host must drop out of the event the guest will still participate. Members that drop out of an event may substitute a nonmember if they meet the requirements to be a guest. Guests will not be accepted on sign-up night if they will prevent a member from being accepted for the event. To accomplish this, the trip captain or other activity leader will establish a guest waiting list in the order that the host member signed in. They will automatically be accepted at the end of the first sign-up period if there is room.

                Nonmembers Who are Not a Guest of a Member

                Nonmembers who are not a guest of a member are not allowed on trips or other club activities.

Exceptions to this are:

◦   The Beginning of Season Party

◦   Winter meetings

◦   Any event that does not charge a fee for participation

◦   End of Season Party

Early Trip Sign Ups

The Winter Vice President will provide trip captains with the names of those eligible for early sign up.  Those eligible will be:  All Board Members, all current year trip captains, all committee chairmen (Babble, Hospitality, Publicity, Programs, and Social etc.)


It is the policy of the Board of Directors of the Blazers Ski Club that refunds for all club sponsored activities shall be made in accordance with the following guidelines.

In every case where someone does not go on a trip, even though they have already made a partial or full payment, they shall be responsible for all expenditures that the trip captain (TC) cannot recover or avoid making.  It is the Board’s responsibility to insure that other club members are not subsidizing costs incurred for people who cancel from the trip.

▪    It is the primary responsibility of the person who cancels to find a replacement and work out the details with the replacement.

▪   If the TC has a waiting list, the TC has the option to arrange a replacement.

▪   If a trip is not full, the TC is not permitted to take the next person to sign up and consider that a valid replacement.

▪   The TC will not make any commitments for a refund.  Only the Board may authorize a refund after obtaining the details from the TC and/or the person requesting a refund.  Requests for refunds shall be made through the TC and forwarded to the Board of Directors.

▪   The TC shall make every effort to maximize a participant’s refund.  These efforts might include negotiating with hotels, meal providers, lift ticket sellers and other service vendors to obtain refunds.  Unless the bus is full, the cost of the bus is not refundable.

▪   If a person misses the bus, the above policy will apply.

Trip Captain Policies

Trip Captains are expected to attend Trip Captains College to learn how to run a trip. This includes pre-trip planning, sign-ups, on bus activities, on-hill activities and entertainment. At this meeting, the Blazer Ski Club will provide the food and beverage.

All contracts (i.e., hotels, bus) for ski trips must be reviewed by the appropriate summer or winter Vice-President or the Treasurer prior to the trip captain making the commitment. 

A budget for the trip must be prepared by the trip captain for approval by the appropriate summer or winter Vice-President.

No trip captain shall return funds collected for the trip without approval of the Board.

The  trip captain is not responsible for personal gear of participants.  Trip participants must stay with their personal belongings until ALL gear has been loaded on, or off loaded from the bus at all sites.

The trip captain or event leader may, at their discretion, complete the paperwork for the guest before the close of sign-ups on the first night, but it must be made clear to the prospective guest that any member has priority before the close of sign-ups, and if enough members sign up before the close, the guest may be bumped from the trip, and their full payment will be returned.

Trip captains must be paid up Blazer members in good standing.

Trip captains must always be available and insure all participants know the schedule and are made aware of any changes should they occur.

Compensation for Trip Captains

Trip captains (a maximum of two (2)) are not compensated for their hard work. However, since their presence on the trip is essential for the trip to be successful, their expenses for the trip will be paid by the Blazer Ski Club. These expenses are limited to the items provided to the members participating in the trip.

Any gain or loss from a trip or other club activity will be born by the Blazer Ski Club. These are not the responsibility of the trip captain or activity leader.

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